Friday, January 1, 2010

So Much To Be Thankful For

We had quite a scare coming back from our Christmas trip to Alpine, Texas where we visited family over the holidays. We drove about 500 miles and got home Sunday night. Monday morning on the way to returning our rental van, I checked voice mail on my phone and heard the words that strikes fear into every horse owner's heart - Dylan started to colic around 8:00 that morning (I got the message about 10:00 right as we pulled into the rental car place). We checked in the van in nothing flat (everyone at the rental place was very concerned and facilitated our quick departure)and raced to the barn. Dylan was already much better - we are friends with Jesus and his family - they live on the property and take care of the horses - thank God that Jesus noticed Dylan rolling in the pasture and immediately brought him up and have him banamine. Jesus walked him and Dylan got better so quickly that when I called the vet he just gave me instructions over the phone for his diet and care over the next couple of days. Dylan loves being in the pasture but with the nasty weather and his close call we decided to keep him in the pole barn, under Jesus's watchful eye since I live forty minutes from the barn. Yesterday I took Dylan for a walk just leading him and I could see he was back to his old self. This New Year's morning is a beautiful day and so we turned him back out into the pasture.

It was very scary over the last few days and we are so thankful for Dylan's speedy and uneventful recovery. It was also a timely reminder during this tough economy that we still have so much to be thankful for. Money may be shorter than the past, but we are long on the love of family, friends, and of course our faithful four-legged friends. With the start of a New Year it is good to reflect on the many blessings we have received despite the uncertainty of the future - and resting in the peaceful assurance that God is in control when things (like Dylan colicking) seem out of control.

I pray for each of you a blessed New Year filled with joy and the eyes to see how truly blessed we really are...even when it doesn't always feel like it. "Thank you Heavenly Father for caring for your special horse Dylan whom you created and love - and for giving us more time together here on earth. I have so much to be thankful for - Help me this New Year to see the blessing of the gift of each new day, and to use that day to bless others in your Name. Amen."

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