Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to Catch Up

Well a lot has happened over the last few months. To be honest, I did not have the heart to write about it while it was happening. For those of you who have been reading Dylan's Corner on my web page at www.goldencrossranch, you know that Dylan was diagnosed as chronically lame and cannot continue with his role as the Golden Cross Ranch horse - it would be too hard on him to participate in the trail rides and doing the obstacles. The good news is that I found him a great home and he is doing great hanging out in the pasture and checking cows. The bad news is that I miss him terribly and no horse can compare. But isn't that true about each horse we are blessed to own througout our lives? Each one is unique and special in their own way. They each leave a unique hoofprint on our hearts, just like our other critter friends. I had the most wonderful black German Shepherd imaginable, and we were together for a full fourteen years. Nikki is gone now, but my big goober black and tan German Shepherd Luke is just as special in his own way. Life goes on but wonderful memories never cease.

So I am currently engaged in a search for my next equine partner - Oh, the stories I could tell! It seems that everyone has their own definitions of terms like broke, good disposition, well-trained, not spooky, and well, the list goes on. To give you a small idea, we drove an hour and a half to see a gelding that was a mare when we got there. This gentleman knew we wanted a gelding, but I suppose he figured I would fall in love with his horse once I spent time with her. What really happened was he lost integrity with me right up front. How could I trust him about anything else he said? And then there was the herd sour horse that started calling to his pasture buddies so his owner starts shouting his name and says “See, he answers to his name!” Or the horse that refused to leave his pasture where his buddy remained to ride in the adjoining field. The owner informed me that the horse knew she didn’t own that land and that they weren’t supposed to ride on it which is why the horse refused…

But enough shopping is never easy but I have learned something from eavh horse that I have met. And I have also learned something really important from my friend Suzanne. She suggested that I be still and let God handle it. God knows my desire for a horse and He also knows which horse will be perfect for me. Her comment that perhaps I should follow Scripture and "Be still and know that I am God" and give Him control instead of trying to force the situation sounds like wonderful advice - so I'm sure gonna try! I'll keep you posted on the search...

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